AAG Renews the ARGUS Platinum Rating and the ACSF IAS Operator Registry


Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), a Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin Company, has renewed its status of both the ARGUS PLATINUM rating and the ACSF IAS Operator Registry. The ARGUS Platinum rating is the highest rating that ARGUS assigns to a 135 operator and the ACSF IAS Operator Registry is currently attained by only thirteen 135 operators.
“Associated Aircraft Group (AAG) is proud to once again receive the Platinum rating and continue to be listed on the exclusive ACSF IAS Operator Registry, showing our commitment to the highest safety and operational audit standards,” said AAG President John Gow.
AAG has operated Sikorsky S-76 helicopters for more than 60,000 safe flying hours and will celebrate its 30th anniversary this November. AAG is a firm believer in the benefits of holding itself to the highest international standards in safety management that both ARGUS and ACSF provide.
NOTE: The IAS is the first and only extensive audit program specifically created for on-demand operators by a committee of Part 135 and 91K industry leaders. It is conducted every 24 months and is in-depth in its evaluation of regulatory compliance and the operator’s SMS program against both FAA and international standards. AAG has attained the ACSF IAS Registry continuously since 2014.
AAG operates the largest fleet of Sikorsky S-76 helicopters in the northeast United States, and is regarded as a successful business aviation services company that has built an industry-leading position on the core principals of customer service, safety, and trust.
About AAG:
Associated Aircraft Group has been the premier executive helicopter company in the northeastern United States for almost 30 years, providing clients with a range of services, including private charter, fractional ownership, aircraft management and maintenance. AAG has over 60,000 safe flying hours and operates S-76 helicopters exclusively. For more information visit www.flyaag.com